How are our suits different? 
Via in-person appointments, we collect data about you to craft perfectly fitting products that strike the right balance between fashion and function for your unique lifestyle. Unlike online do-it-yourself suiting services, our highly trained team members who live in your city strive to build relationships and deliver personalized style guidance to help you complete your look for any occasion – work or play. 

What do we currently offer? 
Our clients love our made-to-order, customizable 2-piece and 3-piece suits and tuxedos for men.  We also offer blazers/sports coats, dress shirts and trousers.  

What sizes are available? 
Only one: yours. Every item is custom made to your body and preferences. Our meticulously tested, thorough measurement system is designed to deliver high quality products that fit exactly the way you want it. Whether you'd like a well fitted suit or one that provides a bit more room, your stylist ensures that your individual requirements are incorporated into the design.

How much does it cost? 
Prices vary depending on your level of customization and quality of fabric. Our suits start @ $500 with a 100% wool options starting at $995. Each garment is handcrafted to suit your unique size and unique personality. Custom shirts start at $75. For a complimentary consultation drop us a line at info@masoncustom.com

How long does it take? 
Because we craft each item individually from scratch, it can take up to 30 days before your item is ready for a final fitting.  Special rates apply for turnarounds under 2 weeks.  Email info@masoncustom.com for more info.

What if it doesn't fit perfectly? 
We offer a perfect-fit-guarantee on all products. This means free alterations and an easy refund process.

Can I buy online and how do I submit my measurements? 
We strongly believe that a remarkable suit that fits and looks exactly the way you want is best achieved via an in-person visit. Aside from the well-tested measurement system we employ, we gather personal insights about how you like your suit and why. At the end of the day, it’s your suit, we just help you build it.

What cities are you in? 
We are currently taking appointments in New York City, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and Denver with plans to expand.  If you think our service belongs in your city, please email us at info@masoncustom.com – we'd love to hear why!

Where and when do the appointments take place?  
Your place or ours!  We take appointments in your home or office, or in a our showroom. Daytime, weekend, and evening hours are available.

How long is an appointment? 
We cater our sessions to the needs of each client. While no two appointments are alike, a first-time consultation typically lasts 60 minutes.  

How do I schedule an appointment? 
Email us to request an appointment, and include a preferred date/time.  

Any additional questions?  We're happy to help in any way. Drop us a line at info@masoncustom.com