Being an upscale menswear lifestyle brand, we knew from the start that collaborations were going to be a very important aspect of our branding.  In preparation for some new spring additions to “The Alexander Collection”, what better time could there be to get started?

At our most recent photo shoot in Richmond VA, we had the pleasure of working with the very talented Colin Healy, a  Virginia based musician who helped us bring in the two newest additions to “The Alexander Collection”: The Patriot PlaidandThe Forrest Plaid.  Colin’s stellar style, impressive vocals and folksy cover of Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie, were the recipe for a successful spring photo shoot for OLE MASON JAR. 

 (Colin Healy's cover of "Suit and Tie" in The Gray Gingham)

Before wrapping the shoot, we took some time to sit down with Colin for a deeper look at the man behind the music.

OMJ: When did you first start playing/ and how did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Colin:  I have been singing for as long as I can remember, and in fact, according to my mom I was humming along to music before I could even talk.  Middle school was when things got serious though, getting my first guitar.  I was also classically trained on piano through a special program in high school. 

OMJ: What are some of your influences?

Colin: Honestly, I am influenced by many different musical styles.  Inspiration comes at various times, so I make sure whenever I hear something that I like, I store it away for later.  There is no specific genre that specifically influences me, yet a combination of a little bit of everything is what I draw from. This allows me to really get creative and take aspects of certain songs/genres to create something truly unique.

OMJ: We love what you did with"I Believe in A Thing Called Love", and you are right, no way you come up with great stuff like that if your influenced by one specific style / genre.  

OMJ: What’s on the iPod right now?

Colin:The Lumineersnew album is great, alsoRyan Adams.

OMJ: What is your stage style?

Colin: Would say my “go to” is probably a pair of jeans and a button down.  What you you can count on seeing me in though are myCole Haan Wingtipsand cool pair of socks.  Socks are for sure the most important…it is all about the details.

OMJ: What’s the venue you most want to play, and what is the coolest venue you have played?

Colin: MSG is obviously every artists dream so would have to say there.  Coolest venue, or guess I should say “most interesting” venue would definitely be this pizza joint in Augusta GA.  I swear the place was haunted! 

OMJ:  What is next for Colin Healy?

Colin: Will be opening for Against Grace on July 13th atThe Nationalin Richmond VA.  Come check it out!


Colin will no doubt one day be a household name as he is exceptionally talented, so make sure you check him out and follow him on his journey.  Check back often at below for frequent updates:





Also, make sure to pick up Colin's newest single on "Something Different" oniTunes.


A special thanks to Justin Jaro ( for filming.




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