We believe one of the most important things in business is to be able to adapt, evolve and pivot with the market. When we started our other business, OLE MASON JAR, in 2013, our vision was solely focused on creating an upscale casual look that paid homage to the past. Fast forward to 2017, we introduce Mason Custom, a custom clothing brand aimed at accessibility, and born out of a need we desperately saw in the marketplace.

In the clothing and retail business, you meet and speak to so many people. It is a diverse landscape, but if you pay attention and listen carefully, the 'wants' and 'needs' of the consumer are like the writing on a wall. 


While originally focused on clothing that was more casual, we began to notice a need in the dressier categories like custom suiting. There are old school tailors and institutions that offer incredible quality and craftsmanship long associated with custom clothing, but for a staggering price. There are also an over abundance of online options that offer the allure of custom clothing on a budget, but the trade-off is lower quality and a less than impressive fit.


It's time for a new era in custom clothing. For everyone. For the businessman wanting custom shirting befitting his personal style. For the college graduate needing to put his best foot forward in the interview of a lifetime. For the man who can't shop 'off the rack' for any- and every reason under the sun. For the fashion-forward and the fashion-nightmare. Custom clothing doesn't have to be a pocket-emptying dream. With Mason Custom, we're helping you find that perfect fit, that 'You Style', that attitude and swagger which comes from wearing a unique design, made expressly - and only - for you. At a price you won't believe. Mason Custom is changing the game. For everyone. For you.