Happy New Year, Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet!

Happy New Year, Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet!

Happy new year everyone! it is going to take me a minute to start writing "2024" instead of "2023" for anything date wise, but I will eventually get it ha. This is an especially exciting newsletter for me this week, as I am coming to you with a renewed passion after taking some needed time to recharge over the holidays. The team at OMJ has been hard at work planning some great things this year (whiskey club, new products and collections, an improved customer experience...and above all else a true desire to help as many people as we can to look and feel their best). 

I say it every year, but there is something about a new year that gives us an opportunity to reiterate...we are here to help! I get it... It is a daunting task to proactively get your wardrobe to where you look and feel at your best. As a fellow guy, procrastination is practically a currency for us. It is an easy excuse to put things off and waiting too long is what some of us do best :) With that said, I have seen the power in what a well fitting suit can do for someones confidence and career. It is a game changer, and in the upcoming uncertainty of the economic landscape it will be an absolute separator of the key players in their industries 

With OMJ, elevating your wardrobe is easy once you decide to do it. The team is incredibly thoughtful and knowledgable on ways to maximize new pieces with what you already have, and often salvaging pieces you thought were no longer wearable. Timing is traditionally 6 weeks (we can rush items if needed sooner), so the key is to plan ahead, especially for weddings or special events!

So...who wants to make their 2024 the best year yet and put their best foot and brand image forward? Schedule an Appointment Today.


Bradley Rhyne, Co-Founder and CEO

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