Travel: NYC Market

Travel: NYC Market

I am not going to lie, when we were first starting OLE MASON JAR the thought of business trips to New York was alluring and glamorous ... Four years latter I am here to say that while yes there are certainly cool aspects of it, it is far from the ideas of grandeur I once expected. It is grueling, especially in the winter, and days are spent on the go, you hardly have time to catch your breath and are constantly overwhelmed. All that being said, our latest trip to NYC was certainly a success. We got a lot accomplished, gained a ton of inspiration, ate more than I care to disclose and met a lot of really cool people. 

Twice a year (January and July) the bulk of the menswear clothing industry ascends on NYC. It is a chance for new brands to be discovered, stores to buy for the upcoming season and to get a sense of the upcoming trends/styles for the following year. For us, it was a great chance to catchup with some of our partners, manufacturers and also to discover some additional resources for upcoming collections and expanding our product offering. Additionally, we may or may not have scoped things out for a potential future OLE MASON JAR exhibit! 

As hard as it was to take pictures in between our daily activities, I did manage to get a few for our blog!

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