Whiskey Expert Trey Wade on His Favorite Budget Friendly Whiskey

Whiskey Expert Trey Wade on His Favorite Budget Friendly Whiskey

In 2020, our favorite whiskey expert Trey Wade started an experiment called “25 Under and 25 Blind.” The goal of the project was to identify the best whiskey or bourbon that can be purchased for $25 or less. Trey sent one-ounce samples of whiskey or bourbon to 20 individuals across the country, the participants did not know any identifying details such as the name, proof, age, distillery, and whether it was from Kentucky or Tennessee. The samples were distributed by number and the participants were instructed to rate them in five categories: color/appearance, nose, mouthfeel, taste, and finish. Trey had 16 individuals to complete the experiment in a month, their results were sent back anonymously.

The top 5 was Wild TurkeyEvan Williams BIBOld ForesterHeaven Hill 6yr and lastly JTS Brown BIB.

1st place: Wild Turkey 

2nd place:Evan Williams BIB

3rd place: Old Forester

4th place:Heaven Hill 6yr

5th place: JTS Brown BIB.

Trey Wade 25 Under 25 Blind




Written by: Alexandria Biggs

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