Style: The Wristwatch

Every man should keep up with the time as much as they keep up with their style.  It is for this reason we are spotlighting the wristwatch, an essential element to every man’s outfit.  Watches come in all kinds of colors, styles, and materials, and for this we can understand why it might be confusing on which direction to take when determining the right watch to wear.  Think of a watch as a personal identifier, a name badge, a business card… it is the one of the important elements of your outfit that should define you best and help to create a lasting impression on those you meet.               


While the wristwatch is a common style element and expeditious way to tell time, it wasn’t always so.  During World War 1, soldiers found the common pocket watch to be impractical and thus created a wristwatch.  Upon returning home, the men continued to wear their watches and soon brought popularity to the wristwatch we enjoy today.

The Timepieces:

Since watches come in all shapes and sizes, and fit into many different price ranges, we looked at the full spectrum.  Trust us, there is a watch out there for any man, no matter your budget.  Simply put…no excuses to leave strapping on a watch out of your daily routine.



Timex Weekender Slip Thru - $45.00

This watch is for the everyday man.  Low on cost but high on adaptability, this watch changes straps to match your look.



Michael Kors Lexington - $275.00

Can’t afford gold?  This watch by Michael Kors gives you the look and confidence you need, with all the right touches of the most expensive watches.



Burberry Leather Strap - $395.00

While Burberry is fairly expensive to the average man, this watch is quite reasonable for its quality and name.  From the bedroom to the boardroom this watch fits in to any occasion.


Victorinox Swiss Army Two Tone - $650.00

Known for its quality products, this Swiss Army watch makes two tone look good. 



David Yurman Men’s Classic - $3,600.00

If you always thought Yurman was for women you were wrong.  The Men’s Classic offers 27 jewels, sapphire crystal, and an alligator strap.  Want to turn heads, strap this bad boy on.


There you have it men, make sure you don't leave your watch at home!
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