Lifestyle: Meet Rachel

Lifestyle: Meet Rachel

We would like to welcome the newest member of the OLE MASON JAR team...our new intern Rachel Bland. The first time we met Rachel, it was obvious she would be a great fit. With her passion for fashion, writing and photography, we jumped at the chance to bring her on board and utilize her positive energy and creativity to help grow our brand!

Now, being that we are still a small company, it is a pretty high likelihood that anyone who reaches out or stops into the showroom will be interacting with Rachel, so we thought it best to sit down and share a little bit about her to help you get acquainted. Please give a warm welcome to Rachel!

Rachel Bland

Age: 23

Hometown: Davidson, NC

School: UNCC, where I majored in English with a concentration in Children’s Literature.

Hobbies: Reading, writing and traveling (especially when doing all three together). I also have a newfound interest in photography, and absolutely love landscape and architectural mediums.

What inspired you to be interested in fashion: Honestly, it is something that I have always loved and had a passion for. To this day I can remember being in middle school and dreaming of one day being a fashion designer, sketching out designs and even going to several design and sewing camps. It is something that has just kind of stuck with me ever since.

Favorite piece of clothing (something you can’t live without): I know It is so cliché, but would have to say “the little black dress” (haha). Besides that…my skinny jeans.

Favorite designer: If it is a designer that I don’t own anything of / can’t afford, then hands down anything Chanel. I love the classic / traditional designs they produce with a slight modern edge. My favorite designer in my closet is Kate Spade. I really like the playful designs and the interesting twists that they continue to introduce each season.

What do you love most about North Carolina: Growing up in North Carolina, I can honestly say it is the best of all worlds. You can live in a major metropolitan city like Charlotte and feel like you are in the middle of everything, and then in a matter of a couple hours can be driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway or sitting on a beach. It truly has something for everyone.

What do you hope to learn the most throughout this internship? I am really excited about gaining an in depth understanding of the fashion industry and learning the building blocks for creating a design from the ground up. Gaining industry experience is something that will be invaluable to progressing my career, and passion for design, to the next level.




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